Self-Care Habits

Being successful or being good at something comes with a lot of responsibility that most times we forget what it means to take care of ourselves.

Taking time to cultivate self-care habits helps us to take time to reflect and smell the roses without feeling like the weight of the world is on us.

What is self-care?
Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

9 Self – Care Habits

1 – Looking After Your Body

Self-care starts with consciously looking after your body. Depending on how you have treated your body in the past or paid attention to it. It could just be a little exercise here and there, binging on your favourite movies and series on Netflix and most times it can be as simple as exfoliating and using essential oils to pamper your skin.

Your body will love you for it.

2 – Alone Time

Spending some alone time whether as an introvert or extrovert can help us to recharge ourselves and keep us rejuvenated.  Alone times are literally a blessing in disguise cos they serve as times when we are able to see things clearly, sometimes come up with new and fresh ideas on what to do next and most times gives us room to be grateful.

3 – Reward Yourself

This is one self-care routine I plan to inculcate. Rewarding oneself is a very big deal and a lot of us take it for granted particularly after a job well done. Giving yourself tangible rewards means that you appreciate yourself, that you are making a deliberate effort to build your self-worth.

Tell yourself  I’m deserving of good things’

4 – Self Care Should Be Like Any Other Appointment

If you are familiar with the popular series insecure, you would notice how Molly & Issa have dedicated their Sundays to ‘self-care Sundays’, this literally means our self-care routine should be treated as an appointment that way we can make a deliberate effort to take care of our mental and physical state.

5 – The Value Of The Word ‘No’

There’s a power in saying NO and it’s okay to wield that power as long as it brings you happiness. There’s also a power in saying YES but nobody wants to be the yes man especially if it no longer serves you.

A lot of time we say yes to a lot of things because we don’t want to the other person and while we should be considerate of other people’s feelings we should also be considerate of ours too.

‘No’ is a word you need to become comfortable with saying. Because often when you say ‘no’ to others, you’re saying ‘yes’ to yourself. You’re saying yes to giving yourself extra time, to putting yourself first and to putting your priorities first.

It’s okay to say ‘no’.

7 – Connects With Friends & Family

Life with all its pressures can be so daunting that we often forget to reach out to our loved ones. It’s important that when we make self-care a priority we take time to connect with those we love by making them a priority.

We need to find time to attend networking event, give room to meet new people, step out of our comfort zones from time to time so as to give room for expansion and growth in our lives and businesses.

8 – Lets Negativity Go

Make no room for bad energy.

Just like the Nigerian musician sang ‘bad energy stay far away’, we should make sure it becomes our mantra. I’m learning that I can’t control everything and for most of the time, things might not go the way I want them to and so I’m learning that that is also okay because wanting to be in control or wanting things to go our way can lead to attracting some bad energy or negativity when they don’t do our way.

Let go of the negativity and leave room for positive growth towards your mental and emotional space.

9 – Gratitude

Be thankful for how far you have come. Have a thanksgiving journal, write down how far you have come, where you’re now and be grateful for everything.

Personally, I throw in a couple of praise and worship songs, some dancing and screaming off the top of my voice just to show how grateful I am. It’s one of the ways I ward off the bad energy.

Find something to do that will cause you to reflect and be thankful on how far you have come and soon it will become a habit that leads to a lifestyle.

If you got to the bottom… hooray. Don’t forget to check out my other post on ‘How to motivate the shit out of yourself here   


8 thoughts on “9 Self – Care Habits

  1. love these and alone time is so important! i remember when i worked on a summer camp i was always with people, my bosses recommended having ‘alone days’ every now and then on a day off and they were needed far more than i realised! ✨

    1. Alone times are definitely needed. I agree with your boss because most of the times they help to put things in perspective. Thank you for commenting.

  2. These are really good helpful tips!! Learning to say no has been so hard for me in the past but little by little I am gaining enough confidence to say no and block all negative energy that is not good for my health! Thanks for sharing !

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