2 Kobo From My Diary (Episode 1 – Grandma Famson’s Advice)

2 Kobo from my diary was a short phrase that always played on my mind, and the more I thought about the phrase, the more I thought about sharing one of my favourite pieces of advice that I got from Grandma Famson.

While flipping through the pages of my diary, I was glued to an event etched in my soul. 

We call her “Grandma Famson”. No, she was never named Famson, but her street of residence is. A case in point is how every average family in Nigeria has a “Mummy Eko”, simply because the woman lives in Lagos State and its environs. Such was her case. 

Grandma Famson was my grand aunt. She and her younger sister who happened to be my biological grandmother were the perfect definitions of Coke and Fanta. She was beautifully clean in her fair complexion. Her silky hair almost communicated youthful strength except that they were grey. One of her nicknames was “Mama neat-neat”. You really cannot step on a pinch of sand in my Grandma Famson’s apartment. The great life she lived was testified to before and after her passing on. Sometimes, I wonder what their sisterhood would look like in heaven. Such bliss!

For this first episode on 2 Kobo from my diary, one of my many conversations with Grandma Famson is my pivot. 

I was at home with my parents during my undergraduate days. The thought of spending ample time with Grandma Famson overtook me till I found myself in her house. With her, there is always something to talk about. I was at the phase where I needed answers concerning my marital. I eventually voiced out,” Grandma, how did you know that Grandpa was the right man for you? 

Grandma Famson replied, ‘I will tell you when you bring the man you want to marry. The reason is because I don’t want you to use my story as your measure.” There and then, it dawned on me that Grandma just destroyed the box of comparison in my thoughts. From that day forward, I affirmed that every unconditional relationship is unique, and only The Creator gives such gifts.

Alas, I couldn’t proceed with the discussion with Grandma Famson till the news of her passing reached my ears. However, the lesson picked will forever linger in my soul about how comparison is the enemy of unique existences.

Are you a mentor? Withhold sharing intricate happenings in your life, sometimes. Someone is about to be the photocopy of your original self and we’ve had enough already. Thank you for reading. See you soon/Till next time. 

2 Words From My 2 Kobo: Comparison kills…

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