Ending the year, however, you like

Ending the year, however, you like will mean different things to everyone, for me, I would like to end the year soft and proceed with that softness into 2024.

I was going to write about ending the year strong but then I thought about how different the year has been for everyone and I think it’s just best to end the year however you like.

When I started the year 2023, I had no inclination on how my year would run or end but of course, I expected and hoped for the best but that wasn’t the case even as I journeyed through the year.

This year had a lot of turpsy-turvy moments and I know I’m not the only one. I see a lot of posts on social media with people saying God should remove them from his list of strongest soldiers for 2024 and would like to be on the list of those who would have a soft life in 2024. While this might sound comical, I find a lot of truth in it. 

I would also love to have a soft 2024 free from chaos, pain and heartbreak.

For some, ending the year might necessitate bustling parties such as the popular Detty December parties in Nigeria, surrounded by friends and family, clinking glasses as the clock strikes midnight. For others, it could mean praying your way into the new year by attending crossover church gatherings and settling some issues before God.

The beauty of ending the year however you like lies in the freedom of choice it offers, you’re not compelled to end it in a particular nor are you bound by a set of rules or regulations.

Ending the year, however, you like, for another set of people might involve setting intentions, and making plans and goals for the upcoming one. It might mean that one welcomes the idea of renewal, setting new and old resolutions that align with your aspirations, desires, and dreams.

Whether it’s fostering or nurturing healthier habits, pursuing neglected passions, or nurturing relationships, you get to decide and choose how you want to end the year.

However, you choose to end the year, whether it’s any of the options listed above or something entirely different, I think one key thing to do is to show gratitude however life dealt with us. Let gratitude be the cornerstone of your year-end ritual, expressing thankfulness for every season of life.

As the end of the year gradually comes to a close, I believe a question we should ask ourselves is, “How do I want to end this year?” whatever answer you come up with, make sure that you’re ending the year however you like.

So, here’s to the freedom of ending the year in your unique style, and a toast to new beginnings.

Cheers to ending the year however you like!

If you made it to the end of this post, leave me a comment or like this post. Also, do check out my previous post on ‘What does losing a mum feel like? here and do check out the episode from my podcast here.

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