Love and February: A Match Made in Heaven

Love and February: A Match Made in Heaven

February, the month of love, is finally here and there’s no need to deny the special relationship between this month and the celebration of love. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, it’s impossible to ignore the buzz of Valentine’s Day, the holiday dedicated to celebrating love and affection between intimate people and the one day in the year a lot of single people feel like they’re doing something wrong with their lives.

But why is February associated with love so strongly? There are several historical explanations for this, one of which is related to the historic Roman celebration of Lupercalia.

Couples who celebrate Lupercalia gather together to commemorate this event, which was observed from February 13 to 15, by exchanging gifts and participating in various activities with a romantic theme.

Another theory is that February was named after the Roman god Februus, who was the god of purification and the underworld. The word “February” comes from “februare,” which means “to purify.”

February is also believed to be the month when a lot of people decide to start over, either as a decision to focus on the new year by starting afresh in business, career or academics or seen as the perfect time to give love a try by focusing on building and sustaining new and old relationships.

Whatever your reasons are, the connection between love and February has grown stronger over the years, as a lot of people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day with so much cheer, making the magic of that day palpable.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway with your partner, or spending the day with friends, family or by yourself, there’s no denying the special magic that February brings.

Love and February: A Match Made in Heaven
Kyoto, Japan

So let’s enjoy everything that the month of love has to offer. There is no better month to celebrate love than February, whether you do it by indulging in a sweet treat, writing someone a love note, or just showing them how much you care.

Let’s make this month all about love and let it fill our hearts and homes with warmth and joy.

Love and February: A Match Made in Heaven

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[…] forget to check out my previous post titled “Love and February: A Match Made in Heaven” here and do check out the latest episodes from my […]

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