The hope called ”One Day”

There’s a hope called one day, it’s an indescribable feeling that something good will happen eventually, it’s a feeling that this very thing I need or desire will eventually happen if I can just continue on this path or change course, and lately, I have been thinking about this hope.

In my home country, Nigeria, we hope and believe that corruption will be a thing of the past and that the country we rise again one day, this is a hope we carry and most often passed on to generations yet unborn. In every area of life, there’s this burning desire that must constantly be burned so we don’t lose faith.

Whether one is hoping for a better life or a better income or a partner whatever it is, we tie all of our expectations and anticipate this one day when everything changes.

In writing this piece, I asked a couple of people what hope they were holding out for their one day and these were some of the responses I received:

I joined the army with the hope of becoming an American Citizen one day.

I’m doing everything I can now and even though it doesn’t make sense I know that one day it will.

I hope to make my mamma proud one day.

Most of these experiments I’m carrying out are in the hope that one day I would have contributed significantly to science.

One day I will have my own baby.

I can’t wait for when my one day becomes day one.

And while I ponder on some of these, I begin to ask myself why this kind of hope is important, and why is this one-day hope inherent to every human.

Sometimes, people mistake hope for wishes, and other times people think for one to be hopeful then they must be optimistic but hope has nothing to do with you being optimistic or pessimistic…More often than not, the hope called one day is always very specific and focused, usually on just one issue.

Why is the hope called ”One Day” so important?

As I mentioned earlier in this piece, I started thinking about this kind of hope when I started reflecting on stuff I have been dealing with, and right there I started thinking about how one day these issues will be a thing of the past.

In a way, hope connects our past and present to the future. It gives us a front-row view of what we want to happen and how we would like the events to play out.

However, it happens just envisioning it can make one feel better. And if it’s something you can somewhat control – like you studying hard to graduate with a first-class or positioning yourself for better opportunities – then the hope called one day can motivate you to take whatever steps you need to take.

If you made it to the end of this post, don’t forget to leave me a comment and check out my previous post titled “Gatekeepers: The good and the bad” here and listen to episodes from my podcast here.

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