Laying 2021 to rest

Laying 2021 to rest 🥂

A couple of days back I saw the show “Yearly departed” on Amazon prime and while I enjoyed the show it made me think about how I would like to lay the year 2021 to rest. The year 2021 was a very trying year for me, it was the year where I ferociously went after things I wanted and felt I would break if they didn’t happen.

But here we are, with just a few days left into the new year and a great way in laying 2021 to rest.

laying 2021 to rest


This year I prayed more thanks to the next level prayers from my church and got a lot of answers to my prayers particularly in the area of my health, there was a couple of health scares here & there but I & my family came out victorious.


I wanted to love this year, if I’m being sincere I have wanted Mr right to show up a long time ago but that part of my life keeps fluctuating like NEPA (If you don’t get it, forgerit). One thing to note though is that it’s okay to hope amidst the disappointment, to hold on to something even though it is not forthcoming and that sums up my relationship with Mr right for the year 2021… Here is hoping he shows up in record time.


I moved to Sweden in October this year and I can tell you for free that this journey tested my faith. My admission and scholarship came in April but the journey towards securing my resident permit and money for my travelling was a very stressful one either way God came through in the end, your girl moved.

Sweden is being alright and there are lots of learning curves already just in my short stay here but today isn’t the day to talk about it, what I will leave you with though will be “Be kind, it cost nothing”.

Work & School

I’m currently looking for work since I moved to Sweden (Putting it out there, in case you have a job for me or a connection in Sweden). The last place I worked was in Nigeria and it was nice to leave with a bang, have my work and gifts celebrated but then it brings to mind what happens next. I remember feeling like I was in limbo after my send forth party at work, it was the period where I was waiting to hear from the embassy and when I started taking my classes online and so I had to stop working.

In between this feeling I scaled through, I continued with my classes online and my permit came through.

School has also been fine. The experience is way different from everything in Nigeria, the teacher & student dynamic is such a unique one. I remember sending a mail to one of my lectures about a grade in one of my papers and also getting feedback about it and comparing this to the educational system in Nigeria, this was something that can never happen for fear of being failed or noticed by the lecturer.

Laying 2021 to rest I believe is something everyone should do, letting go of everything that didn’t work and no longer serves us. The few things I listed above are just a glimpse of my 2021, one thing that comes to my mind thinking about this year is how I struggled mentally and how God came through for me every time.

In the coming year, one thing I’m looking forward to doing is to enjoy each stage of my life, looking back at the different stages in my life I noticed that I haven’t savoured all of the good moments when it happens but always in a hurry to move on to the next. PS: – I talked about this on my podcast. check it here.

What’s the point of hustling & grinding if one doesn’t take the time to enjoy and rest?

In conclusion, I want to remind you that when you decide to lay your 2021 to rest you shouldn’t forget to pat yourself on the back. You have done well, it might not have been what you had planned but you came out on the other side, you might have been beaten, pushed aside and forgotten but you didn’t give up.

Congratulations, you’re deserving of everything good that came to you this year and whatever didn’t come, we try again next year.

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  1. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing your 2021 experiences with us. I can relate with most of them, especially the relocation part. Cheers to a fulfilling 2022!

    • Thank you for reading. I’m glad you could relate to some of my experiences it meant I wasn’t alone and yes to a fulfilling 2022!.

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