In Search of Love?

In search of love? Does this mean that love is missing? As the year gradually whines to a close, this thought continues to linger in my mind. What does it mean when we go in search of love? Do we find it or does it come to us willingly? I remember going through a post on Enews on Instagram about Adele and Jennifer Lopez and thinking how these women never gave up on love in spite of their past relationships and how somehow love still finds them.

But how does love find someone?

In search of love

As the year comes to end, a lot of people are probably thinking…oh my God! I’m ending this year alone again, I thought this was going to be the year but she broke up with me and even some are thinking about what they could have done differently and how they intend to do better in the coming year.

With a lot of nuances out there, like love will find you when you least expect or it is when you forget about love & relationships that’s when it will happen. Some are even quick to give more suggestions like dress a certain way, talk a certain way, go to this particular place, do this, do that but must love be a hurdle before it finds itself to you.

Like every goal in life, a lot of people believe that it is what you put into the universe that will come back to you or the power in your tongue I.e the positive affirmations you say while this is all true there are also people who are quick to differ because they’ve done all of the above and more yet love still seems to allude them.

These are the thoughts that linger on my mind as the year comes to an end… This thing I want so bad how do I get it? I have done everything they said okay maybe not everything but it still keeps giving me the results I don’t want.

I have spoken to the universe, I have said positive affirmations after positive affirmations, I have worked on myself and still, continuously do so… I have practically done everything I could except compromise on my standard. And that’s where world people come in, they feel that in the search of love one should keep chipping away at the very essence of themselves to accommodate the bad behaviour & indifference of their would-be partner.

But what’s the point of finding the so-called love at the expense of who you’re or at the expense of a partner who isn’t ready to do the work?

I believe that this should be our mantra in our search of love or as we go about our life pursuits “To Thine Own Self Be True”. Don’t keep chipping at the very essence of who you’re till there’s nothing left, don’t accommodate the laziness or the mediocrity of the other person.

Be like Jennifer Lopez, Adele, Meghan Markle, Ciara amongst many others and remember not to settle for less. What you’re looking for irrespective of what it is, is out there you just need to be patient for it to find you or for the both of you to find each other.

In the meantime, let all that you do be done in love.

Another year is ending and even though love might not be happening for you right now, don’t forget to celebrate your other wins. You’re deserving of it… and should in case you find love, don’t forget to send some my way.

Merry Christmas and have a prosperous New year in advance. 

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