The Bold Type – 7 lessons I learnt from the show

“The Bold Type” a funny and weird name for a series but one you would certainly fall in love with once you get started at least that’s my story. I remember watching the trailer and with the snap of one’s fingers I was intrigued and taking in.

With it’s final season currently airing, I’m in-between gutted and happy at the same time.

If you don’t already know, “The Bold Type” is a series based around three best friends – Sutton, Kat and Jane who all work for one of the biggest magazines in New York City. The show follows their lives, work, relationships, their highs and lows and their journey to self discovery.

The show is about friendship, love, career, growth, family, health issues and a whole lot of other diverse issues in relation to politics, the me-too movements and so much more.

While there are lots of take home lessons from the show, I would like to share some of the lessons I have learnt.

1. Women are your allies and not the way round.

Contrary, to the saying that women are their own greatest enemies. “The Bold Type” is quick to teach you that having a woman in your corner is one of the greatest allies you can have.

We see this in various instances, from Jacklyn making room for Jane to grow from a writer to an editor and Kat creating job opportunities for other women, we learn quickly that this relationships have become a force to reckon with.

2. What a great leader looks like.

Jacklyn is definitely the kind of leader that falls under the GOAT category. As a young budding writer myself, I find myself always in awe of how she handles morning meetings where ideas are being bounced off and decisions are being made on what to write for the magazine that week or month.

I cant even lie, I have also been inspired in my career paths by Scarlet and that’s because of Jacklyn.

3. Work Ethics.

The work ethics in the scarlet company is one that is unrivaled. One might be quick to assume that because it’s a fashion industry then it shouldn’t be that demanding but in the bold type you see the staff of Scarlet bringing in their A-game and also making room for their mental health on days when it gets too hard on the job.

4. Move Away From Your Comfort Zone.

The scene where Jane came back to Scarlet after resigning and was expecting to still retain her former seat lives rent free in my head, I remember how she struggled for a bit there and then eventually had the courage to ask Jacklyn if she could have her old seat back and then Jacklyn saying she had becomes too comfortable in her old seat and that it time to move away from it.

The truth is growth never happens in the comfort zone because everything that was meant to occur has already happened and to be able to experience something new and move in a new direction we must be ready to move from the familiar to the unknown.

5. Never give up on the things that set your soul on fire.

Whether it was a social justice call, creating a campaign, pursuing a story or coming with the latest styles and trends of the season, this three women (Jane, Sutton and Kat) knew what set their souls on fire and pursued after it relentlessly even in the face of difficulty, they knew how to regroup, take advice from mentors and then go and try again.

Their can do spirit is definitely one that should be practiced.

6. Know your worth and add tax.

Whether it was in a relationship or at work these women knew their worth and reminded each other about it, they knew how to ask for more when being provided with little and they knew when it was time to walk away from any relationship that no longer served them.

7. Be Confident.

Another important lesson from ‘The Bold Type” is the growth process of our favorite women, how each of them was able to come out of their shell to live confident lives.

It was fun to see Jane deciding to confront pinstripe about his affair after struggling with it for a long time, Sutton gaining the confidence to admit that she wanted to pursue a career in fashion instead of being a fashion assistant and Kat refusing to take no for an answer when she knew that diversity was the right move for scarlet.

These ladies didn’t hold back and during situations when their confidence shook they learnt to do it afraid and so can you!

I’m sure by now you can tell how much I’m in love with “The Bold Type” and how I can’t wait to see how the rest of the show plays out (Only 4 episode left). If you have a Freeform account you can check out “The Bold Type” there or on Netflix.

I highly recommend it.

And if you have any other kind of lessons from the show you want to share with me, let me know in the comments.

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  2. Very interesting subject, appreciate it for putting up. “The friendship that can cease has never been real.” by Saint Jerome.

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