This is what 33 looks like

This is what 33 looks like :-

Turning 30 is no simple life event and for a girl who expected her 30th birthday to be grand but then it turned out to be meh, you can just imagine how it feels to be 33.

The other day, I allowed it sink down into my consciousness that in some couple of days I would be 33 and in that moment I could feel the fear building up and taking hold.

This wasn’t how I envisioned my thirties…its not like I had anything specific in mind but at this stage I at least thought I would have everything figured out.

This kind of milestone after your thirties and as you grow older often prompt all sort of introspection: The pressure about finding love, evaluating your career growth and goals, how well one is doing financially, comparing your journey to perhaps your age mate or people you’re older than who’re doing better than you.etc

In the end, with all this thought also comes the feeling of inadequacies.

Anyway after the feeling of fear came and I shrugged it off I was able to see things clearly but from a different perspective.

I have learnt that our journeys are not the same and more importantly I’m learning not to compare mine with others… I’m also learning to focus on all the things that have worked and the things that are working.

When I did that, I realized that I was not the same person I was last year. There had been a significant amount of growth and lessons learnt and because I was trying to focus on things that did not work i was losing sight of my blessings.

The new year begins today and just like I mentioned earlier at some point I started having cold feet that some of my goals and dreams has not materialized and at that moment I was scared of growing older because of the uncertainty of the future but not anymore.

I understand that it might be most the cliches of things you have ever read but I have chosen to trust God… I ask myself what does a 33 year old woman looks like and this is what she looks like:

A woman who has set her face on God because she knows that he will help her and she shall not be ashamed. Isaiah 50 : 8

Welcome to your year of wins, Oluwayimika

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  1. “Learning to focus on all the things that have worked and the things that are working.”
    That up there is the remedy to worries of all shapes and colouration.
    Guess what? You’d be wiser doing the same.

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