The kind of feeling that falls on a person who is about to embark on a journey far from home cannot be fully explained, particularly when it’s for the first time.

I think it’s like the fall of the morning dew on the grass, like something you’re not aware off and then the wetness, hits you as you walk through the grasses, and then when it hits you, you shiver from the thoughts and feelings of it.

In Africa, particularly in Nigeria, this kind of feeling can be felt at different times, either when a parent is marrying off their children and then the shivers come, most times its always a form of the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

The parent will most times call the child and offer some kind of admonition or prayers for the journey ahead.

In such cases, the child or individual is either seen shedding a few tears or probably just too excited to move on to what’s ahead.


Another scenario, is when an individual is about to embark on a long journey probably outside the country and as usual in a society like Nigeria, prayers are always offered.

In most cases the individual wonders amidst all the prayers and advice offered which of them would happen first, which would likely not happen because of the things they already have planned.

As time goes on, this kind of feeling becomes nostalgic for the individual during reflective moments.

The individual looks back and wonders, if all the words said during those times of departure, were ever necessary and like some sort of Deja Vu moment, the shivers are back again from the thoughts.

At the end of the day, we can come to the conclusion that irrespective of the words or prayers said on those days, we determine how we want the rest of our lives to unfold either good or bad.

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