Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection

People deal with rejection differently. I know because I have handled my own shares of rejection. Rejection can come in different forms either it’s from a lover, friend, a goal you’re pursuing, an application. etc.

One of the major rejections I have faced that was such a huge blow for me was when I got a rejection mail from a Job that I had applied for.

I left where I was sitting, locked myself in the toilet and cried buckets… for some reasons I had concluded in my mind that the job was mine and I already saw myself working there.

The truth is rejection hurts

The truth is I don’t have the solution on how to manage or handle rejections or how to react / avoid it because rejection is something that we are always going to encounter but I can tell you somethings to consider:-

Here are some things to consider when dealing with rejection:-

Learn from it –

I believe that as much as rejection hurts there’s always something to learn from it, something that will help you make the right choice next time and the truth is it won’t always feel like a learning curve in the beginning but after we have dealt with the pain then can we pick the lesson.

Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket –

I would say depending on what you’re dealing with, that would determine you not putting your eggs in one basket… but I’m sure we all know what that means, it means having other options apart from option A.

Surround yourself with supportive people –

This can be therapeutic in a way. Sometimes, talking or sharing your experience with people gives a new perspective or helps you to feel bad about yourself and more importantly helps you to get the support you need.

Take time to cool off –

After all is said and done, take some time to cool off and just be

Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you feel –

As mentioned earlier when I received that rejection mail that I wasn’t selected, I went to the toilet and cried because I was heartbroken and disappointed.

It’s very important to feel every emotion, don’t suppress it, deal with it and then release it from you.

If you got to the bottom… hooray. Don’t forget to check out my guest post on ‘ Excerpt from “The Capitalism of Unsatisfied Bodies”’  here

You can also check out my YouTube channel where i briefly talked about dealing with rejection here.

Dealing with Rejection
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