Happy freaking birthday to me.

Happy freaking birthday to me.

It’s been a week and 3 days now and I had a quarantine birthday.

I was home, didn’t go anywhere cos we where instructed to stay home due to the #covid19 pandemic.

Anyway, I kinda woke up sad on my birthday, the very first of its kind.

Hopefully, the last.

I woke up thinking about all my inadequacies, shortcomings, disappointment and dreams that are yet to come through.

The sadness was so deep, I could literally use a knife to cut through it.

I guess those kind of things actually leave one depressing and sad.

After, a couple of minutes of wallowing in all those feelings… I decided to say a word of prayer for myself and by the time I was done praying, I felt so much better.

Happy freaking birthday to me
My Prayer on Instagram

It’s a week and some couple of days past my birthday and while i wait for the pandemic to be over so i can get back to my life.

I’m anxious for what the year and the future holds… I know that the scripture says I should be anxious for nothing but with prayer and supplication I should make my request made known unto to God.

Happy freaking birthday to me

And that’s exactly what I’m doing and plan to continuously do…

That on days when it gets hard and on easy days… I would remember that there’s a God who is crazy about me and who is making to continually abound unto good work.

Happy Birthday to me. 

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  1. Hey Yinka,
    Belated happy birthday! Wish you a better health and wealth!
    Best luck for your bright future!

    • Thank you very much for the birthday wishes.

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  3. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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