Vulnerability in Relationships

Is vulnerability in relationships a good thing?

With valentine around the corner, I’m reminded about the conversation I heard with a guy I was catching feelings for last year who saw vulnerability as a sign of weakness.

Personally, I believe that every true relationship needs a level of vulnerability for it to work.

While, a couple of people might have their reasons why they would rather not be vulnerable with their partners or friends either because of heartbreaks or fear of being betrayed.

We can all agree that the lack of vulnerability in a relationship or friendship will not let it have roots.

Is Vulnerability a good thing?


When we numb feelings like fear, disappointment, embarrasment and pain etc, we also numb the ability for us to feel emotions like excitement, hope, gratitude and happiness. etc.

This numbness can further lead to the inability of one to enjoy every moment with ones partner.

One of the very many blessings of being vulnerable is that it allows us as individuals to build trust between ourselves.

In the process, an intimate relationship is formed which affords us the opportunity to open our hearts to give and recieve love.

At the end of the day, this post is not in anyway meant to make you feel that you must be vulnerable with your partners.

I believe that as much as i clamour for relationships to be open and filled with love, kindness and a daily dose of being vulnerable.

One must be willing and ready to be vulnerable, not because society feels it is good but because you have weighed your options and you will not have it anyother way.

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