For the Love of Kobe

for the love of kobe

The first time I heard about Kobe it was on the view. He had been invited to the show to surprise a kid who had epilepsy and his younger brother who were working on getting as many helmet they could gather for kids.

I found him to be sweet and the gesture heart warming.

The second time I heard about him again was on the Ellen Show and just like the previous time, his charitable work was remarkable.

And that’s why I was deeply saddened when the new broke on twitter while also silently sending a quick prayer to everyone who was involved in the accident.

While we may not be able to answer all the questions that’s springing up at the moment because of the tragedy, one thing we can learn to do is to be reflective during this period.

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[…] PS:- Don’t forget to check out my other post ‘For the love of Kobe’ here. […]

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