How Will You Be Spending Your New Year’s Eve?

In major parts of the world, the new year’s eve is practically seen as a big deal.

As much as we try to look forward to the new year with lots of expectations and hope, a lot of us are cumbered with entering the new year alone.

While that may be the most cliche thing ever said, the new year’s eve has a lot of activities around it from going to a party, sharing a new year’s kiss, attending a service or doing something entirely different depending on where you’re and the traditions you are used to, the new year’s eve can just seem like a normal day.

In Nigeria, as the day gradually draws closer, a lot of crossover event by religious groups are being organised with different catching themes coupled with detty December activities which already went into effect from the 1st of December.

Depending on what interests you and the new year’s eve tradition you’re familiar with there are always a tons of option to choose from on how you will be crossing into the new year and if you would love to spend it with a lover or share a new year’s kiss with a lover or stranger, here is hoping all your wishes come to pass.

As for me, I will be spending my new year’s eve in my local church.

Where will you be spending yours?

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