What’s Your Most Awkward Date Story?

what's your most awkward date story

One day, some years ago, I got a Whatsapp message from a guy called Segun

“Hello, My name is Segun. I got your number from Funmi. And then a few other introductions ensued.

He was one of those boring guys. I could tell but I decided I was going to entertain this one. My friends were forever trying to hook me up with somebody from their circles and all of their attempts have been bad choices.

what's your most awkward date story

After, a few more conversation we decided to go on a date in the coming week and even though I wasn’t entirely thrilled to go, I wasn’t going to say no to free food.

The day of the date arrived. I walked up to the restaurant where we had agreed to meet with little or no expectations. Truthfully, I didn’t like the guy and was only going because my friend had put me up to it. I scanned the room and found him sitting down in one of the empty booths.

As I walked towards him, he waved.

“Hi!” I said, hoping my face resembled the face of a person who was excited about meeting someone new.

He replied with a Hello

There was nothing attractive about him and the conversation was bland. We decided to place our orders and then it was in between our conversation that he mentioned he was also thinking about dating another girl while I offered up what I hoped was a convincing smile as he made his intention known.

That was when I zoned off. You invite me to go on a date and then you go ahead and tell me about another girl you’re also thinking of dating and that’s when the date super awkward.

I was just glad I came for the food in the end.

To that end, I’d love to hear about your awkward dating experiences. What’s your best/worst awkward date story?

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