Where Have You Cried in Public ?

where have you cried

Having grown up in Lagos but spent most of my life shuffling between Ogbomosho, Ibadan and even Abia, I have had the pleasure of crying publicly all over this cities…

I have cried for a bunch of reasons from the silly ones to serious one, I have caught myself a couple of times crying.

Like the time I was reading a book on my way home from work and read an heart wrenching page and I couldn’t help but cry.

Or another time when I collected one of my result in 100 level and I cried bucket all the way to my hostel because of how low my grades were.

I’ve also cried for much more serious reasons. Like when I received news that my big daddy died and I cried so much I shook. My grandpa had been asked to break the news to me in university. He had called me in to his office, telling me that what he has to tell me I needed to be strong and there I sat wondering what the news could be, so as he broke the news to me, I cried on the way to the farm, my heart couldn’t hold the pain.

Another time I cried incessantly in public was when I got my PPA from the NYSC camp at Abia and i had been posted to Isiala-Ngwa North. The news we had been told about that place was horrifying and so when I got my letter for my PPA, I cried so much because I didn’t know how I would fair there and if I would survive.

What’s the end point of all this, you ask Crying in Public! Sometimes, we cry to release the pain in our heart because holding it in can further break us beyond repair and even though we handle challenges differently, it is okay to let it all out.

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4 years ago

I have cried in a public transport and publicly when I lost my Mom. I couldn’t just hold the tears

4 years ago

I haven’t cried in public before, I can’t even remember the last time I cried

Bukola Orry
4 years ago

I can’t remember the last time I cried in public but I remember crying in a public bus when I was still in high school. I forgot to to stamp my bus ticket and I got a fine. I cried because I didn’t know how I was going to face my mother.

Tosin Smart
Tosin Smart
4 years ago

I cried all the way home when i went to visit my grandma in the hospital in the afternoon after one of my WAEC papers and learnt she passed in the morning.
Then on my last birthday i was literally in tears inside a Napep (Tricycle) as i read messages on my phone from friends and family while i was on my way to church in the morning.
Last one or two movies with powerful story lines have actually brought tears to my eyes in the cinema.


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