To the Love, I’m yet to meet or not.

You don’t know me yet or maybe you do but I can’t wait to do this thing called love with you.

I cannot even lie I have searched for you in places you can’t even begin to imagine. I told my best friend about those places I checked but I didn’t find you there.

I tried everything everyone suggested, they said maybe I didn’t look hard enough, so I looked again but I didn’t find you, so I stopped searching.

I will tell you the story some day.

It’s really not fair that you’re yet to show up and be the awesome person that you’re because I’m begin to ask myself when you will eventually show up.

I know we have forever to do this thing called life but I would love for us to start as soon as possible.

Another thing is I’m tired of going for meaningless dates, kissing frogs that are meant to turn to princes, settling to date other people while I wait for you to show up which then eventually leads to heartbreak.

Point is, I think it is time for you to show up, and while I’m expecting that you show up any minute now, here are some few things you should know about.

When I choose to love you

I will love you with the promise of a best friend, letting you know that I will always have your back.

When I choose to love you

I will be committed wholly and solely to you. I will hold you and be there for you through the good and bad times.

When I choose to love you

I would have unhindered communication with you, one filled with laughter and love even when we talk about the hard stuff.

When I choose to love you

I will be all up in your business, desiring that you share with me everything going on in your life.

When I choose to love you.

I will love you with the promise of being the best person I can be, for I know you deserve nothing less.

When I choose to love you.

I will be the one who always shows up, the one you would always have in your corner.

When I choose to love you.

I will love you in all the ways I have dreamed and imagined pouring love into someone.

When I choose to love you.

I will push and challenge you until you become the best version of yourself so much so that there won’t be room for you to do any less.

When I choose to love you.

I will tell the story of how we met to everyone who cares to listen.

When I choose to love you.

I will stare into your eyes until it bores into your skin, caress your head with my hands and think of a thousand more ways to love you.

When I choose to love you.

We will have conversations, misunderstandings, disagreements but then we will also have loads of makeups, sincere apologies and communication mixed with grace and forgiveness.

When I choose to love you.

We will have conversations about God, his word and then we will learn and explore ways to grow and be better in him.

When I choose to love you.

I will be your cheerleader. I will always be in your corner.

When I choose to love you.

You will have a taste of the different shades of me. Don’t come with an understanding of what and who you think I should be, you will be disappointed.

When I choose to love you.

The one thing I can promise you will be to love you with an honest and no hold barred kind of love because there’s no perfection with me.

And because this letter is in itself inexhaustible, I will stop here but do hurry up so we can do this thing called life & love together.

I don’t know how our love story will play out, wherever we start, how we start, whatever the problems that may arise, I know that we will get through them together.


  1. Wow…wow…wow.. this is such an Amazing piece. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • aww… I’m glad this piece resonates with you

  2. “When I choose to love you..”

    Choose – I like that word. It triggers a lot of depth. It makes all the difference too. It is a choice and it is why it may be difficult to know what goes on in the lives of two people (choice is powerful).

    Now, to the flow of your sentences, ah! Oluwayimika, I salute you. I have said this before, there is so much love in your heart (not just bundles of it, armloads of it).

    I need to bring my seat closer to your table and learn the ropes.

    More blessings to your heart.

    • Fash Fash, you’re far too kind with your words. Thank you for further explaining the word “choice” and yes there’s lot of love in my heart.

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  4. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    • Thank you.

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