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Phew! I haven’t written a life lately post in 5 months. I don’t even know if I should say that it’s because I have been busy that’s why I never got around to it or that I’m still working on making my blog a profitable and more successful successful blog.

Anyway, here is the latest on everything that has been going on about me.

Let’s get into it right away.

1. Blog
2. Job
3. Friends
4. Faith
5. Podcast
6. What I have Learned recently


If you’re an active member on my blog, you know that my blog has definitely been on a progressive journey since when it was hosted on blogger.
This year one of the goals I wrote down was that I wanted my blog to be self hosted, I wanted to have full access to my content and so began the process. I dabbled first into buying my domain and then I spoke with a friend who is a pro in everything tech but because he was delaying in coming through with helping me with the hosting, I rushed ahead and bought a WordPress hosting.

That decision cost me a lot of money and the brief feeling of thinking that I’m on my way to fulfilling one of the goals I wrote down for this year only lasted a few minutes. The plan I bought didn’t turn out like I wanted, infact my blog when it was on blogger was far better than this plan I was on WordPress.

I couldn’t sync my blog with Google analytics, Google Adsense was not working on it and to make it all worse, the themes I was trying on the blog weren’t turning out the way it said it will.

I was frustrated especially with the money I had just coughed out and then with the fact that everything I had tried was not working.

After so much ado, I contacted WordPress and it said for me to do all the things I needed to do on this plan, I would need to upgrade.

Local Girl was officially tired and so I abandoned the blog, I didn’t see the need to keep creating content on a blog that was looking dry.

Luckily for me I spoke with one of the tech guru’s in my office and she was willing to help but that meant starting from the scratch and abandoning the WordPress blog.
The first thing we did was buy another hosting and domain with a different web hosting service company and then we birthed this beautiful baby.

I’m still figuring out a bunch of stuff on the blog and I’m continuously on a learning curve, seeking ways on how to keep improving the blog, creating content on it and increasing the number of readers.

Some of the lessons I have learnt on this journey is not to rush into making hasty decisions, to make sure that I have exhausted asking for help from my network before jumping into the unknown and finally learn to never stop asking questions as you go ahead.


In my last life lately post, I talked about the new job I started in March and while I’m still there. I have been able to collaborate with other content creators like me in doing some magical stuff which only came about by networking and recommendation.

This phase of my life has particularly been a beautiful one and I’m grateful for all the opportunity it has afforded me while I look forward to more collaborations so please don’t forget to recommend your favourite blogger and content creator for jobs when you come across one. I’m just a mail away.


This year so far I became a god mother and one of my favourite girls got married. One of my other favourite friends got a juicy job offer while another started her company with so many exciting stuff happening all around us I can’t wait for the future to unfold all the beauties and growth it has for us.
It’s a beautiful time to be alive.


This year I’m learning to live and believe in the miraculous. Church has also been awesome though I have not been going on a steady as I would love too, messages from my favourite pastor’s like Steven Furtick, Joseph Prince and Onayinka Olusegun have been my life saver and the house cell meetings I just started attending a couple of months back have been helpful.
Here’s hoping my church attendance improves. #TheFathersDaughter


Guys, I started a podcast. This is something I have always wanted to do since like forever but I just kept postponing it. I would download the app but never get to use or register.
One day in July, out of the blue I downloaded the app on my phone again, registered, recorded my first podcast and have been steady ever since.
I currently have 11 episodes on the podcast, the feedback’s have been enormous, the people who have reached out to me, desiring interest to work with me have been nothing but kind.
I’m sincerely grateful for this journey and can’t wait for the rest of it to unfold.
You can click here to listen now.

What I have learned recently.

As much as you would like to do this thing called life with some specific people whether friends, family or partner, it would only work out if both parties are willing and at the end of the day it’s never a bad idea to put yourself first.

A few pictures from the last couple of month.

What a past couple of months it has been. Well, if you made it this far, you can as well tell me some life lately updates about you.
I will be in the comment waiting for you.


  1. “And at the end of the day it’s never a bad idea to put yourself first.” Caught this simple and short phrase but it means alot

    • I’m so glad you caught something simple and that it meant something to you but I would still love to know how life has been with you lately. Don’t forget to give me details.

  2. My pictured featured in this. I am officially Dancing shaku skaku. Thumbs up Sis. For me life lately has been you know………#winks plus i’m learning to adjust and maintain equilibrium (Too much book).

    • yes darling! your picture definitely featured. You have been part of my life lately experience…We should do a podcast on how life has been and how you’re maintaining experience. #wink

  3. I am happy to have been introduced to your blog by a friend and i must say i am really glad i was.
    Your commitment is next to none and i can boldly say the sky is your stepping stone.
    Very few people will sacrifice for what they love but you did and here we are with a new born “baby”*smiles*.
    Congratulations on your job and to your friend that God married, wish them happy marriage life.
    You will definitely experience the miraculous if you yearn for it and you listen to two of the great men i listen to also so you can not afford to give up or not be your fathers daughter at this time*smiles*.
    Your podcast is educative and interactive let me add interesting also.
    Lovely pictures too*smiles.

    • Thank you for the kind words and for the feedback’s too. cheers.

      • Very nice and interesting write-up. Immediately after reading this, decided to listen to the podcast and I listened to all at a sitting and I wanted more. Congrats to you and friends on new phase of life and I am definitely coming back here to read more interesting and educative writeups. Keep it up dear!

        • I’m super touched that you listened to all the episodes on the podcast and for wanting more also. Thank you for stopping by, I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the other pieces on my blog. Cheers.

  4. Thank you for teaching us how important it is to capture the moments in our lives.

    I wish (started again, recently) I can do more writings, capturing every bit of the passing days – so much lessons and stuffs to encourage or help others avoid.

    I like to way you share a sneak peek of what you are up to, been up to and bringing us along on the journey.

    Always a great pleasure for me to come rest and relax on your page. Don’t stop writing.

    • Thank you for coming on this journey with me and for allowing my blog to help you relax.

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