My Slay Festival Experience

I have always heard about the slay festival event and even though I followed She Leads Africa on Instagram, I never fully paid attention until I came across the sponsored post in April and then decided to be a follower.

I gradually fell in love with the Slay Festival page as I scrolled through their content and the page managers were not slack either because immediately they noticed that I followed them, they slid into my dm telling me about the upcoming event and telling me to register as tickets were being sold at a discounted rate of 1000.

my slay festival experience

I believe that one of the things that eventually sold me on was the incredible work the slay festival and she leads africa team were doing was the success story about African women doing awesome things in their businesses and lives. Then they went on to share tips on how we can improve our skills and hone your craft as a professional or entrepreneur.

The build-up to SLAY festival 2019 started on a steady rhythm, and as the months turned into days I started counting down, I wasn’t going to miss this event for anything. The line up of keynote speakers was just too appealing to pass upon. To meet and interact with people such as Dimma Umeh, Jemima Osunde, Cast of the Men’s ClubArese Ugwu, and a host of others.

I’d like to fast forward to the day of the event. I arrived an hour before the start of the event because I wanted to look around, have a feel of the environment and take some awesome pictures.

my slay festival experience

I took my time admiring the beautiful arrangement while I went straight to picture mode, it wasn’t difficult asking any of the ladies to take a picture of you as some of them willingly offered which quickly became an avenue to network with other ladies.

I attended the redesign stage class which was awesome. We had classes on”Thriving in the Nigerian Workplace“, “Making Tech Work For You” and “What it takes to be successful on youtube” etc.

The facilitators for each of these were high seasoned professionals who brought their A-game and it was an awesome time to learn from them.

Up next on my slay festival experience was attending the masterclass I registered for which was “Wealth Beyond Paychecks“. I chose this masterclass because not having to live paychecks to paychecks will be a dream come through and the take-home lessons are one that I can’t wait to start implementing.

In between all of the sessions going on, there were also some side attractions like vendors selling their goods, food, drinks and music. We also had a few minutes recess after each of the classes and then a full -on break before Mama Burna blessed us with her presence.

Talk about a bold personality! She had a presence that commanded attention once you set your eyes on her, and I couldn’t take my face off her until she was done on the stage. She was almost intimidating… intimidating in a good way. You just know you’re in the presence of someone special.

The whole experience was definitely worth the hype, and with all the exciting classes going on, I could only wish that I was able to attend all of the classes that held that day.

I’m super excited for the experience and the opportunity that the slay festival team has put in place to celebrate women who stand tall and unapologetic in their chosen fields and who are also willing to pave the way for others to learn.

Slay Festival 2019 was a HIT.

My slay festival experience


  1. You look good girl! I’m sure you had a pretty exciting time and of course learnt alot from the line of speakers.

    • Thank you boo and I definitely had a good time. Still waiting on the date for our outing.

  2. You look really great and am glad you had pictures to show us. Hope you are planning to own a power bike too*winks*.

    • awww… Thank you. I’m not sure about the power bike though but never say never. #wink

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