7 Things to start saying

Words have a significant effect on our lives and so one must be careful about the kind of words one utters whether directly or indirectly.

Are you aware just how much impact the words you use on a daily basis have on your life?

Here are 7 things to start saying if you haven’t.

1. “YES!”

Open your mind to a new world of possibilities and watch as your life suddenly becomes much more interesting by trying to say yes instead of no. Entrepreneur Richard Branson claims that making a conscious decision to say “yes” to more things is one of his secrets for success.

2. “I’m lucky / grateful.”

Remind yourself daily of the things you’re grateful for or lucky to have in your life. This is a nice way to be a positive thinker instead of giving room to fears and worries, it also helps to relieve symptoms of depression and sadness.

3. “I Will.”

Replace your “I Will” to “i’ll try”. The words “I will” is much more powerful than the words “I’ll try” when compared together. By saying “I will”, you’re really committing to something and your goals suddenly feel possible.

4. “What if?”

The phrase “what if?” creates possibility. It encourages solution-oriented thinking, which helps us to solve problems. The next time you feel as though a situation is hopeless, try asking yourself “what if?” and see what solutions pop up.

5. Positive Greetings such as “I’m well.”

It’s a common practise in christianity Instead of saying “I’m sick” we say “I’m strong” . The whole idea is to keep confessing what we would like to see in our lives by not entirely focusing on what could be going wrong at the moment. Alternately, if you’re not having a great day, be honest but with a positive spin—“I’m not having the best day but I’m sure tomorrow will be better.”

6. Positive instructions such as “Remember to”

Give yourself positive instructions. We get better results when we flip our language to a positive one. If you want to remember something, then tell yourself just that, instead of what you don’t want to do

This can be really dangerous when we use instructions such as “don’t forget to pay the bills today” because all our brain hears is “forget to pay the bills!” so the best way to flip our language will be to remind ourselves to pay the bill today, that way we get it done.

7. “Things could be worse”

The next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, try imagining how bad the problem could have turned out .This is a great way to minimise the size of your problems by gaining a different perspective on how to deal with the problem.

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  1. Thanks girl! The positive instruction part really stood out for me.

    • Yass… even the scripture says we should keep saying it, i.e focusing on the word.

  2. Thanks for the word. God bless you.

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