How to be Single & Happy – Even if you can’t wait to be in a relationship

How to be single & happy - even if you can't wait to be in a relationship - A woman smiling

That feeling of wondering if there would be a second date or if you would get a text back after pouring out your heart to someone you would like to be with emotionally should be classified as some of the symptoms for a heart attack – and we have all been there, even for the most strongest of us.

A lot of times, after a broken relationship or engagement, a love gone sour we begin to ask ourselves if we would ever find love, we begin to question our decisions, perhaps I should have given him or her a chance, I should have done better, I wasn’t enough for him or her and the list could go on and on…

I recently stumbled on a book post titled “How to Be Single and Happy”, in the book the author Dr. Taitz discusses 5 interesting hacks on how to be single and happy without stressing even though you can’t wait to be in a relationship.

1. Immerse yourself in meaningful activities—and enjoy the moment.

Be present, take time to enjoy where you are and who you’re with. Remember, that happiness is more about how you spend your time and how you guide your mind against every negativity.

“People often think first comes love then comes happiness, but it’s actually first comes happiness—and then, the rest”

How to single & happy - even if you cant wait to be in a relationship - A woman smiling at her reflection in the mirror

2. Recognise that not all your thoughts are facts.

Take hold of every thought that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you’re not worthy of love and affection. Rather than choosing to believe these thoughts, believe the opposite of those thoughts and speaking affirming words to yourself until you get to the point were you believe it.

3. Don’t wait to be in a relationship to pursue your life goals.

I think this is one of the mistakes singles make, waiting to meet that special person before you start living. Don’t put your life on hold, be fierce about what you want from life and then pursue after it passionately.

4. Use your past to inform—not sabotage—your future.

Let your previous relationship be a compass guide for the things you don’t want to re-occur in your life but don’t let it be what holds you back from finding love again.
Don’t let your ex be a yardstick for the next person you go out with, aim higher and better.

5. Don’t put your date on a pedestal. (but go ahead and hop up there yourself)

It’s great to be excited about a date— as you should be, as much as you’re excited, be well aware of what you want and not leave room for any assumptions or red flags. That way, you can truly gauge if the person you’re out with is right for you or not.

An extra point will be in your journey to finding love : Don’t think you have to change yourself just to be dateable. Just remember that the more kinder you’re to yourself the more happier you will be.

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4 years ago

Nice one. I love this blog post . being single is not the time to be running up and down looking for love . its time to know , love yourself more . do things you love to do and enjoy being alone . singleness is not the opposite of being in a relationship. Its completeness , you and you alone to walk through life so enjoy the moment .

4 years ago
Reply to  admin

Being single is a period to love yourself more and devote more time to the things you really love to do. Nice write up Yinka

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