Yinka’s Muse – Love Energy

The launch of my podcast is finally here!!! I am so excited this is finally happening as I have been pushing it forward for over 2 years and I’m so glad I got over my fear.
I can list many reasons why I was having cold feet but I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details.
My podcast will be an extended version of my blog Yinka’s Muse only this time, instead of reading my words you get to listen to them. Cool right?😀😀
I will be talking about different things, and as I build my confidence along the way I will delve into more related topics or perhaps even give room for you to decide on the topics you would like to talk about.
The first episode was published on Sunday and subsequent podcast will be released every Sunday, you can click on play to listen to my first episode, Love Energy here on the website or click this link.
I would love if you could give me feedback after listening, this first episode was first written as a blog post some months back and I would like to know what you think.

Thank you!

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