Letter to my Older Self

Dear Self,
letter to my older self
It’s being an awesome journey coming, I mean can you even begin to imagine.
If I had told you that the things you worried about in the past will eventually be a thing forgotten, would you have believed me?
Can you remember when you worried about getting a jelly shoe in primary school, almost all your classmates had one and you wanted one also.
You didn’t eventually get one but that season passed and then you moved on to worrying about other things, like getting into the university, making sure you passed that course or found that paper, hoping that boy would notice you or just having money in your account that we see you through the day but all that has changed now because with each level of growth comes its own set of worries.
All I’m trying to tell you is that you should give yourself time, we both know that you worry too much even about things that are yet to surface and at this new stage of your life you will be having new things on your radar, things seeking your attention but you must remember to breathe.
letter to my older self
Oluwayimika, you’re a dreamer and that in itself is not a bad thing but learn to smell the roses. I can’t tell you enough how many times you will get disappointed, get your heart broken, fall in love, get that raise, excel at something, be promoted, do something new, go on an adventure or do so many other amazing things because you yourself have had a share of these things and more but one thing I will tell you is this, give yourself time even as you go through all these different phases.
The expectations you will set for yourself as you go higher will not become lesser but rather go higher so also will be the expectations that others will place on you but you must remember that only your decisions and that of God count.
On this wonderful day of ours, I would like you to remember that you’re the Father’s daughter and that he has loved you with an everlasting love, a kind that does not finishes, that you’re made and soaked with love… So even as you enter into a place and season of abundance, I want you to remember this.

Happy Birthday Darling💓

letter to my older self
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  1. Beautifully written. I really enjoyed reading this. More grease to your elbow hun

  2. Keep it coming, Oluwayimika. Happy birthday to you again. May the light and sparkling trigger sun help you unleash the greatness in you in this new year. Be abundant and keep your heart guided with love as always.I wish you nothing but more grace and more beauty. Much Love, Fash.

  3. Thank you dear

  4. Amen.Thank you dear.

  5. Thank you Fash.

  6. Whoa! Just found your page via IG and wow! I love your writing style. Great work and happy birthday!

  7. Thank you for the kind words and birthday wishes.

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