This Thing Called Love

He wrapped his arms around me as if he was holding on to me for dear life, I didn’t care much about the spooning only that I wanted to get up from the bed and leave before he wakes up. The sex was great, there was no denying the fact but that was one of the thrills that came with a one-night stand, have great sex and move on, no time for spooning. I decided to wait a while so that he could sleep more deeply before I would get up, perhaps a little cuddling wouldn’t hurt anyone.
I got up from the bed at exactly 4:30 am, this dude was probably going to sleep till 10:00 am since it was the weekend and there was no need to rush anywhere, I hurriedly wore my pants as I watched the guy sleeping peacefully on the bed through the mirror, he laid with his face down revealing his perfectly shaped butt, these days I only go to the club or lounge when I have an itch that needs to be itched, a girl gat to do what she has to and thankfully there are always guys who are ready to help with my sexual fix.
I brushed my hair still watching him, I can’t even explain what came over me, I never follow one-night stand to their homes, I usually insist on hotels, hotels that were most time picked by me but somehow I have followed this guy, omo! You get mind o I said to myself, what if the guy has turned out to be a serial killer or kidnapper, Lagos was too volatile not to be careful, it came with the territory. I made a solemn promise under my breath not to be carried away by the itch to follow a stranger home next time but the question going through my mind was this guy sleeping peacefully on his bed, how can you bring a complete stranger home and after filling each other up, go to bed naked as if you’re the only one at home.
This guy was definitely not as paranoid as I was, I finished brushing my hair, grabbed the rest of my things, took one look at his room, climbed the flight of stairs down to his living room and stepped out into the cold, my uber was waiting.
The weeks following were hectic and crazy at work, my schedule didn’t give me time to mingle with guys to get to the relationship stage except for one-night pick-ups, call it what you like, this love thing wasn’t for everybody and I had quickly resigned my fate especially since I had tried my hands in the relationship department a couple of times, so instead of banging my head at a door that will not open, I chose the other route.
this thing called love
The summer period was fast approaching, this was one of my happiest moments in the year apart from Christmas, I and my friends would pick any of our favorite places or places we have been longing to explore and visit there during the summer. Last year we visited Medina of Marrakesh in Morocco, this year the goal was to visit Bali, we had seen a lot of pepper dem and breathtaking pictures on Instagram and we couldn’t wait to explore the city and also take pictures that will last a lifetime. Our calendars were marked and our flight was booked ahead, we had started counting down already, this break was needed and well deserved seeing how hard we worked our asses in our various professional fields.
I, Tope, Remy, and Maves chatted loudly as we chilled at the airport waiting for our flight. We had arrived early to beat the Lagos traffic so as to avoid stories that touch the heart. We sat at the lounge with our drinks and caught up on what’s been going on in our lives because our busy schedules didn’t permit us to see and hang out as often as we would have loved besides money must be made at all cost.
Tope talked about work and how her parents won’t stop badgering her about getting married, there was actually a guy in the picture but Tope wasn’t too sure about his intentions and if they will even make it to the altar, so she still considered herself single when out with the girls, we had advised her to call it quit with the guy, I mean there’s no point in being with someone when you don’t know where it will lead too but her reply was always at least I get a steady carrot stick whenever the itch comes.
Remy, on the other hand, was bisexual, of course, we were the only ones that knew about it. Nigeria was not ready for sexual fluidity yet which was Remy’s thing but she was lucky on the other hand, she had the blue passport so she could always port if perhaps she found love in the hands of a woman but gosh, I will miss her if that happens, Remy knew how to light up a room and was the life of a party. While Maves & I talked about work, there was actually nothing going on in our love department except for the fact that unlike Remy, our love for the carrot was profound.
We arrived in Bali and just looking at the scenery alone swept me off my feet, this was the kind of place you come with a lover and even though the country of Indonesia might be conservative in a way, the exotic places in the city of Bali was created in a way to make the explorer enjoy their stay, every niche  of this city was done to suit the needs of the different explorers visiting, whether you were an adventurer who wanted to swing between two tall trees in the desert, go bungee jumping or just lie in the sun enjoying the beautiful sceneries.
The architectural designs were also top-notch, it makes you wonder if Nigeria will ever take advantages of its beach environs thereby making it into a tourist attraction.
I’m sure the business idea of this place was made with lovers and adventurers alike in mind, I allowed my eyes to scout the area and I could see many places to have quickies and climax in the corner of my mind, I secretly grew envious of the lovers we saw around, having someone special to explore this beautiful city with is not a bad idea but at least I had my girls with me.
After the usual lounging in the sun and living for the gram, Remy had heard about a club were tourist lovers usually visit and we all knew it was time to get our freak on.
I wore a yellow dress with a low-neckline, brought out my FRO to play and paired it up with a gold sandal and dropping earrings, my girls were of course melanin dripping as we headed for the club, Remy would always say what’s the point of a vacation trip without some foreign sex.
I twirled, danced, twerked and shaked my butt till my waist and feet hurts, my girls had already found partners to mingle with for the night or perhaps for the rest of our vacation, I walked to the bar to  order a drink when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulders, I turned and it was the guy I had a one-night stand with at his house, looking down at me and smiling.
I would have whatever the young lady is having he spoke to the barman.
I mean what are the odds, I returned the smile as he stretched out his hand, taking a seat for himself beside me, he said again, I didn’t catch the name the last time with a smug on his face.
I never gave out my real names whenever I went to the club with the intent of going to get the cure to the itch, I’m sure I must have given him a name that night we met but I couldn’t even remember, maybe I should give him another fake name I thought to myself but the way he was smiling expecting an answer from me I was so sure he remembered the name I mentioned the last time.
So, I blurted out I think it’s best we don’t start with names here, the last time I told you my name, I ended up in your bed, which was exciting and exhilarating he quickly added, I was thinking I would make you breakfast in the morning but you were already gone when I woke up.

I take it, you don’t do spooning? he asked.

Well, I don’t do spooning with strangers, those things stir up feelings that are just laying low, I replied. Hmm, interesting.

As he rambled on, all I could think of what were the odds of us meeting again. He clearly wanted to know all about me because he kept asking questions that I was not giving any answers too. So, I switched the topic and asked for his name which he clearly didn’t tell me, he used the excuse I gave him but then he added a clause, you can ask me any other thing though, new city, new rules.
We left the bar and walked towards the beach not far from us was a fireside that served to keep us warm and I allowed the questions to start reeling out and he answered everything not directing anything back to me. He told me he travelled to Indonesia for business and some of his business partners had mentioned this cool place and he decided to visit, he also mentioned that he wasn’t going to be in town for a long while as he had to travel to another country on business but would check back on me in Bali if I was still around.
I can’t remember falling asleep on his legs, all I know is that he woke me up that the day was beginning to break, I must have fallen asleep as he spoke with me. My hotel wasn’t too far from the club, so he drove me there and walked me to my room with a promise to check back on me but not before exchanging numbers.
Immediately, my head hit the bed I fell asleep all those talks with the drinks we had just made me want to sleep.
Around noon, I woke up to the ramblings of my friends as they shared their various escapades and adventures,
I laughed as they shared and thought to myself that it wasn’t a bad idea living vicariously through the experiences of my friends but I knew it was about to short-lived as they turned to me and asked how my night went and who I spent it with, my night wasn’t as adventurous as theirs but they listened with rapt attention, by the time I was done they all kept silent for a while and then the questions started flowing in a rush.
Are you sure is not a stalker?
What does he do?
Is he into you?
Sounds like he is into you?
Do you like him?
Are you sure it’s not the sex, that’s confusing him?
As the questions poured out, more of which I didn’t have answers to all I could hear was concern laid in their voice, these girls loved me, no doubt but for now, there was nothing to be concerned about.
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Daniel Adurotimi
5 years ago

This just want to make me try out one night stand see if I get to feel feints of love at all, you never can tell. But really nice story, but am definitely going to those two location, will send pics when am there.

Damilola Fasoranti
5 years ago

Brilliant! Oluwayimika.This doesn't sound like fiction. Every word and sentence doesn't read like a movie. It reads like you are the movie itself – so real. Perhaps, 'love' is about to be found in unexpected places? I can't wait to read the concluding part of this story. Thumbs up!

Adeola Gbadero
5 years ago

Great yinka

5 years ago

lol… but don't forget to share pictures when you do visit the locations.

5 years ago

Thank you damilola for always stopping by to read, comment and share my post. You're one of my consistent readers.

5 years ago

Thank you.

5 years ago

Well done Yinka. This story is so interesting. Pls we are waiting concluding parts

Moyinoluwa A. Ezekiel
5 years ago

Wow! Nice. You took me on a journey. I look forward to reading more.

Tosin Smart
Tosin Smart
4 years ago

Beautiful storytelling and you literally took me to Bali and not its on my must visits areas for vacation. Thank you for your sharing this with me.

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