30 Lessons I’ve Learnt in 30 Years

If there was one word to describe my birthday this year, that word would be “Boring”. You see, my birthdays have not always been a big deal or fanfare where parties are thrown and so as much as possible, I try to make the best of the day by planning special things for myself. In time past, I would bake a cake for myself, buy myself a gift I can afford and enjoy the rest of the day.

Every year, I would always look forward with great expectations to my birthday, hoping to enjoy the day and also any surprises that might come up. I spent a major part of my birthday this year sleeping because the city of Lagos was put on hold because President Buhari was visiting and so a lot of offices didn’t function on that day. I left the office later at noon and then slept for most of the evening when I got home. The only highlight of the day was getting to share beautiful pictures from the photo-shoot session I had weeks preceding my birthday and of course the tons of wishes and prayers I got from my family and friends.💓
This post is not in anyway to say that I’m discontent with my life or that I’m not grateful for the many blessings God has blessed me with but rather show how my heart is full with all the various experiences I have had. I understand that life will always be like a roller-coaster ride giving room for the highs and lows and that even as humans our needs will always be insatiable… so rather than focusing on the things that I have and do not have or how I would have loved my birthday to play out, I would like to share things that I have learned in 30 years even as the years gradually whines down.
30 Things I have Learnt in 30 Years.
  1. Find your niche and grow there.
  2. Take the first step. Do it afraid.
  3. Read! Read!! Read!!!. Your conversations will significantly improve, your mind will thank you for it and books are also a way to explore new cities.
  4. Love will happen, don’t know when it will but it will surely happen.
  5. Walk away from toxic relationships/friendship without looking back.
  6. Don’t date because you’re lonely or because all your friends are dating and getting married. Remember that time you did and it almost cost you.
  7. Be flexible and accepting of others.
  8. Save as much as you can. It will save you.
  9. Splurge on yourself once in a while. You won’t die.
  10. Having a source of livelihood is key. It helps to provide a level of security.
  11. Talk to people first particularly those you meeting for the first time. It won’t kill you rather it will help you get whatever you need to get done quickly.
  12. As often as possible, Be gentle and kind.
  13. Learn to pick your battles.
  14. Enjoy were you are, every tiny little bit of it, savour every moment because you don’t know how long it will last. Therefore, enjoy the process while you wait for the new.
  15. Not all friendship needs nurturing. Nurture the ones that bring you joy.
  16. Network, make friends it will be scary at first but it will be worth it in the end.
  17. Protect your dreams at all cost. No matter how terrified it makes you feel.
  18. If his ways are unstable then he is a double-minded man, such men do not get anything from God. Stay clear from them.
  19. Prayer is everything. Building a relationship with the Father cannot be overemphasized. Even if the problems are not immediately solved, you get instant peace from communing with Him.
  20. Love is beautiful. Every aspect of it is blissful. Enjoy it when it happens.
  21. Not everybody will agree with your belief, faith, and opinions. Learn to let things go.
  22. Live life on your own terms, the world will make room for you even if they do not agree. Its okay to be different.
  23. Speak your truth even if your voice shakes.
  24. Money is very important don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  25. Family is everything and not necessarily defined by blood.
  26. Show up for people as much as you can especially those rooting for you.
  27. Its okay to cry.
  28. Don’t let the past hold you back. Live a life without regrets.
  29. Grow up. Go on dates. Enjoy the music. Go sightseeing. Travel. Read. Don’t forget to live.
  30. You’re strong. You’re are beautiful. Your opinions matter. You’re loved. You’re important. Each of your worries would eventually become a thing of the past, so keep living and thriving the future is truly exciting because the world is waiting for your arrival.
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  1. Why can't we know when love will happen?

  2. because it cant be planned and most times love is birth in the strangest of places

  3. I enjoyed every bit of it. No 3 and 22 especially. Thumbs up!!!

  4. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed every bit of it.

  5. Because Love is blind. *rolls eyes*

  6. Nice one B. More please….

  7. lol. Marvis whats the link to your blog?

  8. Thank you dear

  9. Or Love is putting on glasses instead!By the way, Yinka, you are still yet to explain how you're 30 ooo!

  10. Good write up sisteh….

  11. Great piece YimmieI'm inspired to say the least Your editing can be better, though.

  12. I'm so glad that you were inspired. Thank you very much also for the feedback on editing, working on it.

  13. What kind of explanation do you need?

  14. Hmm..speak your truth even if your voice shakes..I think this will stay with me for life. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  15. I'm so glad it resonated with you. Thank you for stopping by as always.

  16. oh well but time will tell. Thank you so much for the kind words. I cant wait to share more of my work with you.

  17. Great post! Number 10 and 22(love it). You're going places girl.

  18. yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the kind words. kisses

  19. I will take no 4, nice write up

  20. Thank you. nice that you could relate with some of the points.

  21. Yinka,Thank you for bleeding out on paper your 30 lessons in the past 30 years.I feel that each point can be developed into a whole post, with specific experiences and so on.Then, all that can even become a book.Your points, from networking, to money to relationship, to dreams, to being assertive are all great.This is the first time I am reading your blog and I find it impressive and excellent.Happy Birthday in Arrears. All the very best in the new year. #YouAreLimitless- Fash.

  22. Thank you Fash for reading my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading through the blog. Do check out other blog post too, hopefully you will enjoy them too.

  23. To each his own.. pick your battles!!! Nothing as apt as that…

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