This Thing Called Friendship

Navigating friendship as an adult can be difficult. Maintaining it can be a herculean task especially if you’re someone who falls into the category of ”Out of sight, out of mind”. However, if you’re like me who would usually make a mental note to check on friends, call or text and even go on a guilt trip when you haven’t checked on special people in your life then communicating with your friends might not be so hard except you have friends who are not willing to be called friends.

I have come to the understanding that it takes genuine effort on both ends to make relationships work. I have also come to understand that for any kind of relationship to grow then both parties must learn to communicate as adequately as possible.

Make a reminder and set a timer if you have too on certain days of the month to remind you about the people in your life you need to check up on if you have to, I reminded my friend a few days back.

I have learnt to cope with friends who choose to go months without a word and even though I genuinely care about them, I’m also learning to be friends from a distance because of that’s what they want. I have learnt to also understand friends who literally expect that we only talk like 3times in a year particularly during festive and celebratory periods all because they don’t want to share details of their life with you and even if it feels odd and sometimes painful… I’m also learning to respect boundaries because whats friendship without boundaries.

And this is not to shame anyone in how they choose to be friends with anyone but I have come to understand that Life as an adult can be difficult but the journey gets easier with friends. I believe in quality friendships especially since I’m a very mushy person. The friendship that comes with openness, where support is key and paramount, friendships were we can laugh, cry, argue and talk about anything from the most mundane things to the most important of them all.

I like to think that even though friendship as an adult can be difficult, I’m learning to be in control of my emotions by knowing who I let into my space, learning to enjoy new and old friendships with all the numerous blessings they bring while also learning to connect more with myself, learn new things and trying not to overthink things (which is no joke).

I’ll like to take this opportunity to appreciate a few of my friends. I’m so lucky to call you friend to celebrate this beautiful life with you, moments together, support each other and grow old and crazy together. I appreciate you and do not take you for granted and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. @Winnifred @Wuraola @Yomi @Ivie @Seun @Lola @Dolapo @Ibukun @Teju to mention just a few, thank you for being true to me and for all that you do. I love you to bits.💓

What do you think? Feel free to mention your awesome friends and don’t forget to share your thoughts. let’s connect!

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  1. Keep the posts coming girl…Good one!

  2. Really lovely piece boo….so wonderful to have met u

  3. Beautiful piece!!

  4. Swt Yinka, this is nice of you, Great job

  5. Very true piece..hmmmm..'what's friendship without boundaries'…..that got me…Well done girl!…God bless those hands of yours…and your thoughts too….

  6. My friends have also made my life easy. I can't thank them enough.

  7. Hmmm…..,I love how this write up cut across all friendship styles and how there are hints on becoming better in our journey with friends..God bless your hands and impact you more my sweet sweet friend.

  8. Thank you all for dropping by, reading my blog post and taking out time to make a comment. I appreciate everyone of you.

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