Trusting Your Love Life to the Ones Who Love You

My phone had beeped for the umpteenth time again and I wondered who it could be as I couldn’t get to it at that time cos of work. I would later go through it during lunch time and among the sea of messages on my phone, there was one that stood out… ‘Hi, My name is Debo. I got your number from Funke, I’m not sure if shes yet to tell you anything about me but I was hoping I could beat her to it, I am not sure about your schedule but would you like to meet over lunch tomorrow at Hard rocks cafe.”

The thing with my darling friend Funke is that she has made it her life mission to set me up for dates. Of course, I love my friend but all the dates she had hooked me up with, in the past had turned out bad. The guys were all funny subjects, she would later say at the end of each failed dates that she was sorry for not scrutinizing them thoroughly.

After a long day at work, checking my wrist for how long I’m going to sit in this traffic, my mind takes me back to the text I got earlier from Debo. I haven’t replied the text yet but I wondered what kind of person he was, Funke had given him high marks, in her words, “She concluded by saying if not anything, he was some eye candy, witty and intelligent”. The thing is I was not really bothered about the eye candy but to have intelligent conversations on the go would be an icing on the cake… I could tell even as I pondered on all the things Funke had told me that I could eventually like this one but I was definitely not in a hurry to find out; there were more important things to find out first, things that even the very fact that he was intelligent or had a good job wouldn’t matter. Because more important questions like, Is he a kind person ? or how thoughtful he is as a human being towards others still needed to be answered and even as I pondered on all these I dozed off.

owa oh! owa oh! owa oh! I heard the scream faintly and then more clearly, the man behind me shouted at the conductor jolting me out of my sleep, makimg me more aware of my surroundings. Shey! you won carry me pass my bus stop ni? the man screamed into the conductor’s face even as he alighted from the bus. Luckily for me, I had still had a few distance to cover before getting down.

My walk home most evenings on my way from work always tell a lot about how the journey went, but this night it was different, Funke had called me even as I got down from the bus to catch up on our day  – this was more like a ritual and when either of us couldn’t place the call, a text message was sent, however, she also wanted the 411 on Debo but there was none to spill for now.

The truth was Funke was overly excited about Debo for me than she has ever been about any guy, not even the ones I dated and this excitement was sending all kind of messages to me because on the phone earlier she had told me before hanging up ” I know I havent introduced you to a guy that will impress you enough to fall for him but Debo is different- I know I should tell you all the other amazing things about him but I want you to be suprised in a way that makes you fall in love with him, in ways you never thought possible. All I need you to do is trust me with your love life once more.”

Anyway, I think I should go to bed now, another work day lurks around the corner and you can bet its filled with traffic cos the city is lagos.

…Goes to bed 10:30pm

5:00am – Checks her phone for new messages… ‘Hey. how did the rest of your day go? Still expecting your reply on our scheduled date. You can choose a place if you’re not comfortable with Hard rocks cafe but more importantly, I’m checking to know if you got home safe, cos the traffic was crazy and I would hate for you to still be in it. Do lemme know cos I’m worried.”

Checks time message got recieved 11:00pm

7:30am –  beep another message tune! Hey you. Thanks for keeping me worried all through the night but I’m still waiting to know you got home safely last night. Good morning.

7:50- I got home late last night but i did get home safe. You can stop worrying now. Good morning.

PS:- Hard rocks cafe is nice but I think we should go to a quiet place where we can talk and eat and I have the perfect place in mind. I’ll keep you posted.

8:00am – Humming to myself J.Moss song “I’m gonna have a good day, a beautiful day🎵🎵

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  1. Amazing write up.Do keep us posted on the date as well. You sure deserve this right.

  2. Man up Debo .It's valentines coming at a perfect time .Act take charge and make a girl smile .Snooze yah might lose .

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