Dear Wine,

How have you been ? I trust you well. Missing and longing after you has been on the increase lately, reason been I cant stop thinking about you. I have been thinking about our supposed date night and I know it will be splendid ; however, I would love to run a few ideas by you.

I read somewhere online that there a lot of healthy benefits from taking walks on the beach, the article talked about how the walk strengthens the muscles in the legs with the help of the sand, how the beach has also helped to clear the mind therapeutically and a whole bunch of other helpful stuffs.

I think a walk on the beach followed by a picnic would be perfect right now – I hear that places like that are also good for massages and I think one of the many private beaches we have here will serve the purpose.

Personally, I think taking a walk is the new sexy but the environment here in Nigeria does not create the exact serenity to enjoy the walk.

The other night, on my way back from work, I had to trek a significant distance  to get another bus going my route because I missed the bus home, luckily for me I was with a colleague and so we chatted happily while we got into a game, where I picked a song from way back, sang it to a point and then ask if he remembers or knows the song and if he didn’t I scored a point and if I didn’t he scored a point. The experience was funny, and filled with so much laughter that the distance of the journey was not even noticed.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for the date. I have a beach in mind and I hear they have the perfect spot for kissing and taking pictures. Also, dress comfy and don’t forget to bring a change of clothes cos I will.

I look forward to taking walks with you even as I believe that this is the beginning of something beautiful, I look forward to our walks becoming semi karaoke, our walks been filled with talks, laughter, planning, running and playing in the sand, maybe a little disagreements that gets settled, lots of kisses and making out but more importantly I look forward to loving you now and always.

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  1. Always wanted to spend evenings at a beach with a loved one. Nothing beats the Ocean breeze, nothing!

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