Dont Stop.

It’s very easy to get discouraged when looking for new opportunities either as a graduate or someone looking to start afresh in another professional field after several applications has been submitted to different companies.

I remember applying for a job role in a multinational company and how excited I got when I received news that I had been invited to write a test and then also interviewed with them after the success of the test… Let me quickly add that of everyone who was invited for the test, I was the only one invited for the interview. However, my disappointment knew no bounds when I got news that I didn’t make it to the next stage which was the final stage.

The thing is after going through all the stages listed above which took several weeks and then receiving news that I could not proceed to the stage that would secure the employment, there’s definitely going to be disappointment which could lead to frustration and discouragement which could in turn cause one to deviate from his/her set goals.

Was I disappointed? Yes

When it comes to mind does it bother me? Sometimes.

Why? Because I put in my time, effort, studied towards it and expected nothing but the best.

However, one thing I have realized is that on the way to the top, there will be situations like these and several others, which would make me question several things like, whether I did something right or not, or perhaps said something or omitted, things that would sow thoughts that I might not be enough or maybe I did something in excess, but I remind myself daily to keep at it no matter how difficult it seems.

Therefore, I keep pursuing till I achieve my aim, reminding myself as I go that its okay not to get it the first time as long as I keep trying.

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6 years ago

yeah in anything i want to do and i am scared of disappointment or failure and because of that i don't even want to try i remind myself of this sentence \”let it not be said that i did not try even if it may not work out good one\” yinxie

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