Sisterhood of the Traveling pant👖

If I had a dollar for every time I have desired to travel to a different country and place outside my nationality I bet I would be a millionaire. Traveling to me is an opportunity to view the world and its people through their own eyes, and that’s why after seeing the movie, ‘The sisterhood of the traveling pants’ more the 8 years ago I have not been able to forget the scenes on Greece that was shown in the movie.
Although, the movie was not entirely set in Greece, it showed the lives of four young girls who were going to travel to different places for the summer break and right before they travelled, they all went out shopping during which they found a pair of jeans that fit them all perfectly flattering their figures despite their varying measurements.

I find images about Greece breath-taking and I know that there are other breath-taking places in other parts of the world like Bora-Bora and the likes but for me Greece tops my bucket-list of countries I would love to visit. I have seen pictures of some places in Thailand and I known that there are several islands in the Philippines but the way the buildings are structured, some looking so ancient and old yet beautiful, some of the buildings like in Santorini Greece looks layered and I find those ones fascinating.

I think it will be heaven when I get to walk to the streets, eat the food, experience the culture of the people and do other amazing things but till then I am back to desiring until perhaps I can afford to travel.

What countries are on your bucket list ?

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7 years ago

i enjoyed reading… i would draw up the countries on my bucket list and get back to you.

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