Cursed are you!

The other day on my way back from work while sitting in the bus waiting for it to get filled, I had the opportunity to watch the exchange of two young women having a brawl. One of the women accused the other lady of not giving her are complete change after she gave her the sum of N1000, lets call them lady A and lady B for emphasis sake; so lady A accuses lady B of not giving her back are change and so the fight ensued.

They argued, fought and if you know any African market particularly Nigeria the fight isn’t complete without some cussing, and so the curses came in full barrels with lots of gesticulation. Lady A even though backing a baby yet oblivious to that very act shook her body rigorously, raised her voice and swore to the ends of the earth and in between there were stuffs like” if these so called curses does not happen to you then I am not who I say I am. of course, Lady B did her best in reiterating back the curses but the question is how effective are these things.

In Africa, Nigeria to be precise curses are not taken likely. In fact, in most of the cultural movies done here we see the effect of curses and the roles they play even in generations yet unborn. Our story tellers tell us of events that had taken place times even before we were born and our the consequence’s are the effects we see today because of the curses that were placed. Culture would even tell you that depending on the severity of the curse and the circumstances in which they were placed would be a factor to determine how the curses would be removed.

Therefore, even as I sat in the bus looking at the exchange of words been taking out by these two young women, I wondered at the consequences of their action because these young women seem to be very culturally people and even though some people might not believe in curses we have often heard that “what you believe works for you”.

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7 years ago

wow i think i like this one ,u know what i curse you to prosper in life ,marry your husband,give birth to 6 kids and above all become a rich woman.but if you dnt believe in curses its left to you.

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