Take a Twirl

A lot of times we take a whole lot of things for granted because we have come to accept them as our daily occurrences. Just like the air we breathe, we see it as nothing because we expect it to be there always. I bet if there was a day where the air we breathe vanishes or becomes obsolete then we would be more grateful for the times we have had using it and beg to use it more judiciously in the days to come.
I remember the first time I received a credit balance of 20,000 in my account as a first year student in the university, I was literally floating, I remember doing a twirl in the middle of the road cos it was the first time I had such a huge amount of money to myself. I remember those times and I am humbled because I look forward to days when I would be credited in six figures and millions… I can only imagine how my dance on that day will be. From the one who has sufficient today, to the one who has little or nothing, from the one who can pay bills without the blinking of an eye to the one who has to deduct and subtract to make ends meet, I say always remember to take time out to dance or do a twirl for what you have now in anticipation of what is to come. Never ever despise the little beginnings.
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