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Growth → Very spectacular in life. It is seen through every stage in life, a significant cycle in every phase whether it be physical, mental or spiritual e.t.c. Growth could be stopped consciously or un- consciously, can be stagnant, beneficial to the individual and others around. Growth also comes with change and it could either be positive or negative; they also say change isn’t constant cos it occurs all the time. In some cases, growth also comes with maturity which can either be appreciable or depreciable.
The way an Individual sees or understand a matter differ from time to time for each one of us is subject to our own school of thoughts.
I recently discussed some issues with a friend and I was glad to know that her views about some certain some things had changed, something she would have revolted about in the past. I was glad about this cos this showed growth and changes happening at the same time. I had also recently worn a new look  different from the one I was usually accustomed too and I got different views about it ; most times it shows the persons way of thinking and sometimes the persons maturity and level of growth.


We are born, we live and then die → there goes the cycle, along the way comes life experiences which help to build our opinion and views on how we see life which contributes to either our growth or stagnancy. The ability to stand on our opinions whether right or wrong , make decisions whether it’s of our own freewill or we are been coerced into it shows our level of growth which also leads to changes. This decisions that we make leads to the action that we carry out in every facet of life which can affect lives yet unlived, generations unborn, relationship with one another, work, and family and friend They help us to grow into maturity either in a forward or backward way, speak for us in our absence or presence and help to tell the stories of who we really are and what has shaped our lives.
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