Some days are better than other days and then there are days that are worse added with days that  cannot be defined. The heart  flusters , the mind contracts , shrinks and also becomes heavy while millions of thoughts flows through the mind all at once , words fail , there is shortage of air , the only thing  that makes sense is dying cos the pain is unbearable , the uncertainty of the unknown is scary. Sometimes you try not to dwell on the zillions of un-controllable thoughts causing through the mind but then you have to fight it even in the confusing state you are. Suddenly , you remember to breathe cause your life depends on it , you exhale to keep your sanity for that’s the only way it gets better and it helps to stop the heart from feeling like it will just burst ; you remind yourself that this phase will pass…one day you will look back , laugh so hard and then wonder why you allowed it bother you so much at that time it almost cost your existence but all in all you will be glad that you remembered to exhale for that was your saving grace.
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  1. Powerful words, a reason to think with a deep sense of relieve..

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