At the Vibration or the normal ring tone of a phone ; the mind jolts expecially one who has been on the other end waiting or expecting an important Call or message to come through. This joltness brings the five senses back to life ; the mind sends a Quick response to the brain , the brain then informs the heart in a loud clear whisper and with a rush of speed faster than the speed of light the hand races to the phone. At this point two things happen :-
1)The eyes is either excited by what he / she sees on the phone. OR
2)The eyes is disappointed by what he / she sees.
 Whatever be the Case ;this reaction is brought about by the individual’s expectation. And so goes the cycle ; I call it a turpsy-turvy one, where the mind and the brain fights the war of recognition over the heart of the individual involved.
These So called cycle is not necessarily the phone but the individual at the other end who makes your heart does the diagonal dance , it might not necessarily be a call it might just be and expectation from the other person not necessarily must it also come like a wanting for things or perhaps an answer to a need , it could also a be longing to be heard or been heard from.e.t.c.
However ; Even the mightiest and strongest or should i say macho of men has had on one point or the other dealt with the Cycle depending on the area of their life ; perhaps a result to an exam , and awarding of a contract , a major announcement like making partner in a major firm.e.t.c.
   Turpsy-Turvy Cycle comes in its full package ; In both good and bad ways with a lot of expectations and disappointment but definitely giving you something to look forward too , affords you the time to daydream and also gives you Sweet dream’s as a plus , it also enhances your imagination even has you patiently wait for the outcome of your expectations. All these can be called your Safe-haven , a place where you feel safe and have control over , where you can predict your future just the way you want it to be.
When managed properly turpsy-turvy yield into beautiful things , it also helps to keep a balance between what’s happenning in your imagination and reality ; when managed properly it means if you fail this time you can always try again another time , when managed properly it hepls to make sure you Enjoy your victory moments while you Use your down moments to climb up to greater heights.
  One major thing that must be kept in mind at all times is that; Turpsy-Turvy are gifts one way or another that serves has a never-ending well of sweet memories specifically meant to be managed properly and handled well.
  I [Writer] have enjoyed so many from the people God has brought my way ; so much that can’t all be written to be shared ; but these experiences one way or another shape me , add to my life , well some also subtract ; but more importantly they prepare me for the journey ahead for the sweet experience’s i still have ahead of me.
   This piece is dedicated to all those who have played a major part in giving me the Joy of the Turpsy-Turvy Treatment.
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