This post is dedicated to a classmate of mine,who died yesterday i never got to know him as a person,but he was my classmate.Lectures and practicals was cancelled for everyone of us:Oh my classmate! I cant actually say,i wish i knew him,Cos all those that knew him wept,and those that didnt know him,thought maybe they have seen his face somewhere & wished that perhaps there words for those who knew him.One thing his sure he would definately be MISSED.
I might not have knew him,but i did mourn also:cos he was also my classmate,and his absence would be felt by all,whether we all knew him or not.
To the Faculty of Agricultural sciences,and all the various department;Animal Production & Health:Agricultural Economics & Extension:and Agronomy,may this be the last we hear about this.
And to GBENGA sleep WELL…………………………

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