With the past recent flooding in lagos,those affected have been yet to recover from it,while tongues have not seized to stop wagging.Some say is because God is angry with lagosian because they went to build their houses on the water,trying to make everywhere Land.
The recent of such ugliness In lagos about the flodding is that various ways are been  employed to curb the flooding,and one of such is the requirement of Seven VIRGINS,who will br needed to go about lagos dancing Naked,this they say will stop flooding.
One would have to begin to imagine in a state like lagos,where civilisation its at it peak,things has condescending has these,could still be said.Questions i would say needs to be aroused in the minds of the people are:-
_Where would the virgins come from?
_ How would they be picked & selected?
_ After dancing what next?
_What is the guarantee that it will work?
These and many more i would love to ask the initiator of the idea.I belive the government knows what to do,and they’ve started,ideas like these should not be welcomed by anyone,not to mention letting it come out to the society.Let LAGOS continually be the mega city it has always been,and let all negativity people leave lagos to shine,lagosians do what is right by cleaning your enviroments,and let our Virgins walk around with their necks high.And let LAGOS be the state,where others can come and learn from.
Eko O Ni Baje:O Baje Ti.

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  1. As much as civilization has taken place in a particular location, it will never completely take away some old myths or mentality. Lagos they say is home to everyone, the good and bad, the civilized and uncivilized, the mentally sick and the mentally healthy ones who try their best day by day not to get infected with the general madness of the city called Lagos.
    All in all, it is these variations among the people in Lagos that makes Lagos ”LAGOS”. Its these variations in behaviour, culture and mindset that brings balance. if not, we will all just be one sane group of people with the same mindset, which i would personally find boring.

    I Love Lagos, i love the madness, the drama, and the sanity that comes with it. it embodies everything about Our country Nigeria.
    Nice article though…. your last statement was tending towards a poem and i was already enjoying it only to realize there was a full-stop not too far away.

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